Manual is coffee

The beauty of hand brewing coffee is all in the experience—the smells, the sounds, the movements—the ritual is essential

Manual Coffeemaker Nº3 is the next edition in our ongoing study in slow coffee. 

At its core, Nº3 is an understated glass pitcher—hand-blown with a double walled design. You can create an entire pot of pour-over, French press, or even cold brew coffee, close the pitcher with the cork lid, and bring it to the table to enjoy with others.


At Manual—we create products for food that encourage you to slow down and appreciate the moment. Coffeemaker Nº3 allows you to celebrate the ritual while sharing the experience with others.

Coffeemaker Nº3 is—

  • Large format — you can make hand-crafted coffee for everyone, not just by the cup 

  • Flexible — enables you to brew a pour-over, French press or cold brew
  • Insulated — keeps your fresh-brewed coffee hotter for longer with the double-walled construction
  • Accessible — uses inexpensive auto-drip filters, available at any grocery store
  • Multi-use — you can put the pitcher to use after coffee: the double-walled construction keeps your drinks cool and will never form condensation

Pour over is our favorite brewing method because of the full control of the brewing variables, the clarity of flavor, and the ritual of the process. We designed Nº3 to be an extremely forgiving pour-over method that's easy to learn.

The ceramic dripper is nested into the pitcher, which holds a standard Melitta auto-drip filter. Flat bottom filters provide a more consistent extraction than cone-shaped filters, and are much more forgiving when brewing.

Hot water is simply poured over top of the grinds until the desired coffee volume is reached inside the pitcher. If you like to be accurate, you can place the pitcher on a kitchen scale, or if you prefer to be more intuitive, you can gauge volume of coffee by where it hits on the handle.


French press is a classic brewing method that is known for its simplicity, consistency, and full bodied flavor. We designed Nº3 to work like a standard French press, but with the double-walled glass, your coffee brews at a more consistent temperature. To reduce the "silt" that happens with French press, we recommend a little bit of a longer steep time to allow the grinds to settle. Additionally, by not pushing the press all the way to the bottom, you can avoid disturbing the grinds—and will yield a much "cleaner" cup.


Cold brew is a summer crush and a crowd pleaser—it seems everyone is in love with cool coffee these days. Cold brew can be made easily with the Nº3 system: store the cold brew mix in the corked pitcher overnight—French press in the morning. You can even pour through the dripper to filter a second time for more clarity in the cup.


We love kitchen tools that can be used in a variety of ways. After your morning coffee, you can put your Nº3 to use as an all purpose pitcher. The double walled glass keeps cold drinks cool as well, and the spout can filter ice, citrus, or other aromatics.

Coffeemaker Nº3
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